A budding romance between Joo Won and Moon Chae Won

and of started to play games with each other.
The episode 17 of KBS’s Monday-Tuesday TV series Good Doctor (written by Park Jae Beom, directed by Ki Min Soo, producted by Logos Film) took first place with 21.1 ratings (by Nielsen Korea, Nationwide) on Monday, September 30.
In the episode, Park Si On, who is not a real romancer, was apathetic to delicate Cha Yoon Seo’s feelings. Yoon Seo had been gentle and affectionate toward Si On like her biological younger brother, but the subtle changes of the woman’s emotions reached viewer’s heart.
The female doctor asked Si On whether he talk to Han Jin Wook (Kim Yeong Kwang) about their love story and his confession of love. “I didn’t tell him. Because I just didn’t want to say about it. If I tell somebody, it can and do cause harm to my loved one.” the young pediatric surgeon said. “You will be ridiculed. My old friends were the derision of the class because they were my friends. I feel comfortable to be bullied alone.” he added beating himself. Yoon Seo sympathized with the fact that he has a hard time because he is different from others.
The female surgeon, who has been suffered from her mother’ constant nagging to get married, met prospective marriage partner. Leaving work, she came across Si On and managed to get out of trouble for the time being saying “I have a high school reunion.” The male surgeon with autism casually answered “Have a good time.” and she seemed to be dumbfounded at her lie.
In the meeting, she could not put any faith in what she said and the vapid conversation bored her. Unlike her practice of wearing doctors gown, she dressed up and were high-heels. However, wrapping up her meeting, she came back to the hospital to see Si On. The pure man highly praised her saying “You are so beautiful. You look like announcer of the 9 o’clock news.” But she secretly studied his facial expression.
“My mom kept after me to meet the prosecutor. I just met the guy and talked for a while.” finally she spoke frankly. “Are you alright? I lied to you that I had a high school reunion.” Yoon Seo asked him, but he replied carelessly “I’m fine.”
She felt worse and said “You don’t mind all the time. I’m going home.” Finally she was attracted to him whom she regarded as her younger brother despite of his confession of love. The man who worried about his loved one and the woman fell in love in spite of herself raised people’s expectations about their love story.
At the end of 17th episode, Kim Do Han () suddenly collapsed in surgery, which increased tensions of the drama. The operation of Kang Hyeon Tae (Kwak Do Won)’s son had to be performed by Dr. Kim. The experienced doctor entered the operation room after serious discussion with other pediatric surgeons including Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won). However, as soon as the surgery began, he perspired heavily grabbing his abdomen. It is raising questions whether Kim will successfully finish the operation regardless of his knife wound by a murder.

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