Angel Eyes Episode 3 Review: Jung Jin Young is the Murderer of Kim Yeo Jin

In , episode 3, it turned out to be Yoon Jae Bum(played by ) as the murderer of Yoo Jung Hwa(played by ).

As Park Dong Joo(played by ) came back to Korea after 12 years in America, he was absolutely shocked and terrified. He asked, “What about Boston? That’s the position where not many people can get in. Do you not know how big it means for me to see you there as a successful doctor?” Dong Joo replied, “It’s been 12 years already. My sister’s fine on her own now, and this is a great chance for me to help you, father. There’s no need for hesitation.”

Just then, Jae Bum started to think of 12 years ago. As Jung Hwa left a will that she would want to give her eyes to Yoon Soo Wan(played by ), Jae Bum took off her respirator to get rid of her.

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  • Julia

    Wasn’t it someone related to the car accident that came and put something in her IV to kill her ? I don’t think taking of her oxygen mask is going to kill her