Angel Eyes Episode 5 Review: Gong Hyung Jin Thinks Seungri is a Pervert

In , episode 5, Ki Woon Chan(played by ) thought Teddy Seo(played by ) was a pervert.

Teddy was excited about his first paycheck. He looked at a photo of his grandmother and said, “Grandma, you see this? It’s my first paycheck! Aren’t I a good boy? You told me that red long johns are the first thing to buy after the first paycheck. I bought the best one for you. Aren’t they sweet?”

Teddy put the red long johns on a mannequin and gently said, “So warm and soft. Nothing’s as soft as this…” While he was hugging the manneguin thinking of his late grandmother, Woon Chan watched him with fear. He asked, “What… What the hell are you doing? Are you… you know… that type of person?” Then he shouted, “Don’t come near me!”

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  • maikexxngl

    Seungri ya! chua! You are the best!

  • Kayla Trieu

    Seungri is hilarious XD