Angry Mom

Title: 앵그리 맘 / Aenggeuri Mam
Genre: Family, drama, human, school
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-Mar-18 to 2015-???-??
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
Jo Kang Ja was once legendary badass in her teenage days—and as Busan girl, she would have been extra rough-and-tumble. Daughter to sashimi-restaurant-owner mother who loves to swear and father with rap sheet for fighting, Kang Hee inherits her parents’ penchant for cursing, quick temper, and sashimi knife skills.

As a young mother, she is the kind of person who prefers dramas to news or current events. But when she finds out that her daughter, Oh Ah Ran, is being victimized by bullies at school, she decides to do something about it directly, and what ensues is a positive, upbeat, and poignant” story that seeks to highlight trouble spots in South Korea’s educational system.

Kim Hee Sun as Jo Kang Ja (Ah Ran’s mother)
Ji Hyun Woo as Park Noh Ah
Kim Yoo Jung as Oh Ah Ran (Kang Ja’s daughter)
People around Jo Kang Ja

Im Hyung Joon as Oh Jin Sang (Kang Ja’s husband)
Go Soo Hee as Han Gong Joo (Kang Ja’s friend)
Kim Ji Young as Kang Ja’s mother-in-law
Kim Seul Gi as Jong Man
Seo Nam Yong (서남용) as Sang Man
People around Park Noh Ah

Jun Gook Hwan as Park Jin Ho (Noh Ah’s father)
Kang Moon Young as Do Yoon Hee
Grade 2 Class 3 Students

Yoon Ye Joo (윤예주) as Jin Yi Kyung (Ah Ran’s best friend)
Baro as Hong Sang Tae (Chairman Hwang’s son)
Kim Ji Soo (지수) as Go Bok Dong
Lizzy as Wang Jung Hee
Seo Ji Hee as Hwang Min Joo
Hyun Jin (현진)as Han Tae Hee
Jung Shin Hye (정신혜) as Hwang Song Hee
Choi Ye Seul (최예슬) as Na Do Hee
People at Myung Sung Foundation

Park Young Kyu as Chairman Hong Sang Bok
Kim Tae Hoon as Do Jung Woo
Park Geun Hyung as Kang Soo Chan (Do Jung Woo’s biological father)
Oh Yoon Ah as Joo Ae Yun (Chairman Hong’s secretary)
Kim Hee Won as Ahn Dong Chil
Kim Byung Choon as Oh Dal Bong (head teacher of Myung Sung High School)
Yoon So Yoon (윤소윤) as teacher Yeo
Park Hee Jin as Kim Shin Ja
Kim Seo Ran (김서란) as Han Mi Joo (Sang Tae’s mother)

Production Credits
Producer: Han Hee
Director: Choi Byung Gil (최병길)
Screenwriter: Park Kyung Soo

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