Banner shocks Park Bom during their Philippine Concert

shares a very unexpected event that recently happened to her during ′s “All or Nothing” Concert in the . A lot of “BODONG” banners.

“BODONG” is what netizens named Park Bom’s pairing with co- . Park Bom wasn’t expecting that she’ll see several banners of her and being shipped by the fans.


On the June 15 broadcast of the Sunday program “Roommate”, Park Bom was browsing the scenes she took using her camcorder during 2NE1′s press conference and concert in the Philippines.

She shared that as she looks through the crowd, she surprisingly sees several catchy banners that says “BODONG” on it. Under the banners are her name and Lee Dong Wook which totally caught her attention. She expressed her feelings of appreciation to the fans who are totally watching her in “Roommate”. She also added, “It was shocking and I felt shy as I can also hear some fans screaming ‘BODONG’, it was truly surprising but it was so funny and it made my heart flutter at the same time.” Park Bom thought, “Omo! Is this a sign that he’s the man I should marry?” and ends up her statement with laughter.

Netizens commented, “Roommate is so awesome!”, “Roommate couples are so funny! I hope Park Bom and Dong Wook really end up together.” , “Park Bom and Lee Dong Wook should really hang out.” and “Wow! Roommate’s popularity has reached the Philippines!”

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