“Big Man” Kang Ji Hwan gets anticipated with his character transition in the drama + receives compliments for his acting skills


Actor takes the lead role in the Monday-Tuesday KBS2 drama “”. His character transition has been noticeable since the drama started. In an interview he revealed that in acting, one must always have its own standard tactics to act out the role quite well.

A staff from the drama said, “Kang Ji Hwan carefully analyzes the situation then creates his own answer.” Kang Ji Hwan was said to have been preparing well especially for the last few episodes of the drama. The situation in the drama gets more complicated and the tension between him and Daniel Choi heats up. Kang Ji Hwan gets himself immersed well in his character. Better not miss the few episodes left as Kang Ji Hwan soon takes what he really deserves.

As the episodes go on, Kang Ji Hwan’s character gradually changes. He was once an ordinary man with an unfortunate life then soon discovers that he’s the son of Korea’s top company. To retain the company’s good reputation, he does everything and fights for the important people around him. His life changes and so his character.

In his character transition include his behavior, speech and even his looks and style. This transition and massive change of his character is very much anticipated more particularly on the last few episodes left.

An official from the drama praised him, “Kang Ji Hwan has the power to convince people. He greatly understands each scenario and he immerses himself very well with his character. He deserves the lead role because he seemed to take it very seriously. So far, Kang Ji Hwan has been very consistent with his acting. I can’t imagine anybody else to take Kim Ji Hyuk’s character but only with Kang Ji Hwan.” 

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  • Tetsuko Katsu

    강지환 씨의 독특한 연기가〜♥(^ _-)♥♥♥♥♥♥♥연기에는 정평이 있습니다 만, 이번도 몹시 감동의 폭풍 연기력으로 매료 네요 ☆

  • sarang

    Wow.. you are awesome korean skill.
    맞아요. 강지환은 이번 드라마에서 연기력으로 한번 더 좋은 평가를 받고 있습니다.^^