Brothers Kim Jae Joong, Siwan and Lee Bum Soo in “Triangle” have crossed their paths


On the 10th episode aired on June 3, the three brothers who have separated their paths have encountered each other for the first time – Jang Dong Soo (Lee Beom Soo), Jang Dong Cheol/Young Dal () and Jang Dong Woo/ Yangha ().

Previously, Dong Soo ang Yangha met for the first to deal with the plan.

Yangha told Dong Soo that he really wanted Young Dal to be caught cheating in the casino, be arrested and sent to the police. But then, Dong Soo told Young Dal that Yangha already knew about his cheating and told him to stop doing it. Dong Soo saw Yangha’s eagerness of outing Young Dal in jail so he asked him if he has some unfinished business or deep hatred towards Young Dal. But Yangha just said that he just felt irritated or annoyed seeing him around.

A plan was already set up and the cameras were all focused to Young Dal to catch him stealing. Little did Yangha know that Young Dal has found out about the cameras. He looked at it and smiled to it as if he was trying to send a message and annoy Yangha. Yangha, to his frustration, threw away all the things on his table and felt very angry about it.

Because of what happened, Dong Soo decided to meet Young Dal and told him to be more careful next time. He didn’t want him to be in trouble again. Meanwhile, Young Dal messaged Jung Hee (Baek Jin Hee) that he won the game in the casino and even thanked her but he told her that he felt afraid that she might be in trouble again. Jung Hee replied and told him that she hopes that he would not engage his life forever in gambling and that she worries about him.

On the other hand, because of desperation, Yangha made a deal with Young Dal’s boss, Go Bok Tae and told him that he would do casino business with him in exchange of getting rid of Young Dal and to send him in prison. Go Bok Tae accepted his proposal. So, eventually, Young Dal ended up in prison along with his friends.

The fate of these brothers gets more and more complicated putting them in a difficult situation. Yangha still keeps hatred toward Young Dal but Dong Soo is still caught between the two.

Will these three find out each other’s true identity?

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