Can Oh Yeon-seo of ‘We Got Married’ Become ‘The Nation’s Girlfriend’?

The ‘bitching sister-in-law’ of ‘My Husband’s Got A Family’ has turned her image around. , who has appeared as the Mal-sook, the selfish and egoistic sister-in-law of Yoon-hee (Kim Nam-joo) on ‘My Husband’s Got A Family’, even earning the title ‘The Queen Bitch of the Nation’, has shown her true lovely and feminine side on a variety program. She has recently joined the MBC ‘’ (WGM) as a wife. Can she, the despicable sister-in-law of the ‘Nation’s Drama’, turn her image around to her true side?

Oh, on the September 15th episode of ‘WGM’, has had her first meeting with Lee Joon. Talking with Lee Joon, whom she had revealed to be her ideal type, on various issues like their preferences, naming issues, and such, Oh wasn’t at her ‘Mal-sook’ persona at all: Instead of biting remarks and grumpy expressions, she was a lovely and vivacious girl, shy but lively.

She also confessed that she tend to restrict her partner in relationships, and asked Lee Joon “if you don’t pick up, can I call you 100 times?”, perhaps giving a hint to the couple’s life later on. Lee Joon replied, “I like that sort of thing”, again perhaps giving a hint to the couple’s sweetness later on.

On various SNS and online boards, netizens praised Oh’s loveliness, with comments like “she’s cute. Even a woman like me can’t help but feel moved”, “I think that’s her real persona. You go well with Lee Joon”, “I hope she was my girlfriend”.

Oh Yeon-seo debuted as a member of a girl group, back in 2002, and appeared in many different films, but it wasn’t until the ‘My Husband’s Got A Family’ that she was noticed by the public. Especially her role, which depicted her, at least until the later parts of the show, as a malicious and bad-mannered sister-in-law who treated Yoon-hee (Kim Nam-joo) badly, and a selfish girl who enjoys luxury, earned her much attention, but much disapproval as well. Her presence, however, and her acting skills, have left her image burned into the minds of the public. Her ascent to fame with a strong but despicable character was good, but she would have worries about her debut character being fixed in people’s minds.

However, Oh, with her appearance on ‘WGM’, has begun turning her image around. With her only being in her mid-twenties, her change in image was a much-needed decision, if only to remove her character of ‘The Queen Bitch of the Nation’. Her place in the ‘WGM’ cast, and her resulting change in her image through the show, is surely a thing to be looked for to see this young and potential star’s development.

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