Fated to Love You Episode 18

  1. dreamdee: I Love thisss... Thank you Koreandrama ^__^

  2. kiera: dailymotion part 2 is not working

  3. Sittie: Part two fix it plsssssss,,

  4. Virginia T: Part 2 isnt, please fix. Thank you

  5. Jovie Salino: i can wait for the next episode and i worried if LG will die please noooooooooooo. hope full there will…

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Fated to Love You Episode 17

  1. Phoony: just simply love this episode, the emotions wahhhhh. Finally Snail Couple getting this off their chest communicating via third person......

  2. Sittie: Can't help but shed a tear in this ep'love this drama so much,can't hardly wait for tomorrow night again,

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