Cha Seung Won reveals his secret in excellent acting for “You’re All Surrounded” + Exceptional role for his new movie “Man on High Heels”


Photos of actor behind the scenes have been revealed. The actor carefully rehearses for his script for his scenario in the SBS drama “You’re All Surrounded.”

Around 6 in the morning, actor Cha Seung Won was seen seriously practicing with his script. Charismatic photos of the actor were revealed as he rehearses his lines for his character, the head of the group in Gangnam, as Seo Pan Seok.

According to the staff, Cha Seung Won, despite his busy schedule, always makes time to review his lines and the script, as also seen in the photo. He shows excellent concentration while re-enacting his lines for perfect delivery which only proves his secret for remarkable acting in “You’re All Surrounded.”


His fashion sense which has been known as the “Seo Pan Seok Fashion” with black pants and casual jacket which suits his model-like figure and also catches the eye of the viewers.


On the other hand, Cha Seung Won’s character in his new movie “” has captured much attention as he portrays a strong and very masculine detective who brutally assaults criminals but keeps an unlikely secret – he desires to be a woman. The movie was released on June 4. The movie has received positive reviews and compliments to the actor for his major transformation in the movie.

Meanwhile, in the previous episode of “You’re All Surrounded”, Seo Pan Seok discovered who Eun Dae Goo really is which brought them to great revelation.

Witness Cha Seung Won’s excellent acting in the SBS drama “You’re All Surrounded” every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55 PM.

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  • Ukhti Rahmi Khotijah

    I love his act n he is fashionista too…sexy n amazing