Cheer Up Mr. Kim Episode 112 Review: Wang Ji Hye Breaks Up with Kim Dong Wan

In , episode 112, Lee Woo Kyung(played by ) broke up with Kim Tae Pyeong(played by ).

Tae Pyeong took Woo Kyung to a Buddhist temple where his brother, Kim Tae Jin’s grave was. He said to her, “My brother is here. I wanted to introduce you to him.”

Woo Kyung, who already knew that it was Tae Jin who made her brother’s legs paralyzed, was surprised and came out of the temple. Tae Pyeong followed her out and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong?” Woo Kyung answered, “No. It’s fine now.”

Just then, Tae Pyeong gave her a ring. He confessed, “I hope you stay next to me for the rest of my life.” However, Woo Kyung told him, “I can’t stay next to you. Let’s break up.”

Source: Newsen

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  • mitzy

    I hope this Taejin-Hokyung storyline wrapped up quickly. Poor Taepyeong :(