Cheer Up Mr. Kim Episode 114 Review: Kim Hye Sun Finds Out Why Kim Dong Wan & Wang Ji Hye Broke Up

In , episode 114, Hong Hae Sook(played by ) found out why Lee Woo Kyung(played by ) broke up with Kim Tae Pyeong(played ).

Joo Yeon Ji(played by ) said, “Tae Jin must have bullied Ho Kyung(played by ) after he started hanging out with a gang. I think he hit him first so he doesn’t get hurt anymore.”

Hae Sook asked, “Then what happened to Ho Kyung’s legs?” Yeon Ji answered, “He fell off a rooftop while running away from Tae Jin. Tae Jin felt extremely sorry for him after that happened. But this doesn’t have anything to do with Tae Pyeong. He still doesn’t know about this.”

She continued, “Baek Gun Wook(played by ) knows. Only if he didn’t tell Woo Kyung, Tae Pyeong and Woo Kyung would still be together.”

Source: TVreport

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