Cheer Up Mr. Kim Episode 116 Review: Lee Jung Gil Pleads Wang Ji Hye to Reject Yang Jin Woo

In , episode 116, Baek Jae Sang(played by ) pleaded Lee Woo Kyung(played by ) to reject Baek Gun Wook(played by ) if he begs her to come back to him.

Jae Sang heard that Lee Ho Kyung(played by ) was at the hospital. Gun Wook wondered why he was at the hospital and questioned to himself if it had something to do with Kim Tae Pyeong(played by ).

Just then, Hon Hae Sook(played by ) came home and asked him to stop picking on Tae Pyeong. However, Gun Wook said to her, “Since when were you considerate about other people?”

Jae Sang and Gun Wook went to the hospital to visit Ho Kyung. There, they met Woo Kyung. As Woo Kyung was cold to Gun Wook, he left the scene. Jae Sang then pleaded Woo Kyung, “If Gun Wook keeps begging you to come back to him, please reject him.”

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