Cheer Up Mr. Kim Episode 117 Review: Kang Sung Min Yells at Kim Dong Wan “Go Away!”

In , episode 117, Lee Ho Kyung(played by ) yelled at Kim Tae Pyeong(played by ) as he came to see him at the hospital.

Ho Kyung was sent to the hospital for losing consciousness after hearing that the person who made his legs paralyzed was Tae Pyeong’s brother.

Tae Pyeong opened Ho Kyung’s room door and stood there for a while. Lee Woo Kyung(played by ) saw him and approached to him. Tae Pyeong said to her, “I just felt like I should be seeing Ho Kyung.” However, Woo Kyung replied, “I think it’s better for you to leave.”

Just then, Ho Kyung shouted, “Go! I said go away!”

Source: Newsen

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