‘Childless Comfort’ Nears The Record of JTBC Dramas With 4% Ratings

'무자식상팔자', 4%대 진입..'연일 자체최고' :: 네이버 뉴스

’ has finally reached the 4% ratings on 17th, nearing the previous record of the JTBC dramas 4.045%, of ‘Qualifications of the Wife’.

‘Childless Comfort’ has reached 4.044% ratings on 17th, raising 0.52% over their last ratings.

The episode featured Ahn So-young (Uhm Ji-won) returning to her husband’s family after hiding in Ahn Hee-myung (Song Seung-hwan)’s house after her childbirth. Ha In-chul (Lee Sang-woo) has appeared at the end of the episode, exerting his claims over the baby, signalling the brewing of the conflict.

‘Childless Comfort’ is the latest from the venerable writer , and features the strong cast of Lee Soon-jae, Yoo Dong-geun, and Kim Hae-sook.

The record ratings of JTBC dramas have been held by ‘Qualifications of the Wife’, of 4.045%. With the rise in the ratings by ‘Childless Comfort’, their record-breaking seems very likely in order.

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