Choi Ji Woo reunites with Kwon Sang Woo in the new SBS drama “Temptation”

Actress Choi Ji Woo reunites with actor as they film for the new drama “” which will be aired on .

On June 9, Choi Ji Woo’s agency YG Entertainment confirmed that the actress will take the female lead role for the drama “Temptation” with Kwon Sang Woo. The drama is very much anticipated since it will be their new project together since the SBS drama “Stairway To Heaven” aired 11 years ago, 2003.

“Temptation” depicts a different kind of love story among two men and two women who look for the true meaning of love. The complicated story also begins as the man gets into a difficult decision making and is made an offer then makes an irreversible choice.

Choi Ji Woo plays as Yoo Se Young who is also called as the “iron lady” in the drama who is never interested in love and marriage but only engaged with her career as the CEO of the company.

“Temptation” will be Choi Ji Woo’s comeback on TV series since her last appearance in the SBS drama “The Suspicious Housekeeper” nine months ago.

Choi Ji Woo said,I decided to appear in the drama because I trust the producer and writer. Please look forward to the new drama”.

Meanwhile, “Temptation” will be released in July 2014 which will take the time slot of the Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctor Stranger”.

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  • Meeoh1

    I love both actors and will look forward to following this new drama, Temptation, sounds intriguing :)

  • myles

    i have watched stairway to heaven between Choi Ji Wo and Kwon Sang Wo and their tandem was perfect. I hope ” Temptation” will be another super hit drama…