Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi’s house in “You Who Came from the Stars” will be rebuilt for a public exhibition in Dongdaemun



On June 10, set will rebuild the exact set of and ’s in () and will be open for public allowing the viewers and fans to experience the set in the drama.

The amazing experience and incredible display will begin on June 10 until August 15.

The said event will be sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organization themed as “Experience the Events in You Who Came from the Stars”.  The display will be divided into various exhibitions presenting different events where Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) and Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) spent their moments together including the concepts of coincidence, encounter, yearning, love, and memories.

In addition, to give a realistic experience to the viewers, they will be able to enjoy the exhibition with its 3D videos of the drama more particularly with the scenarios such as  the ‘time slice’ that Do Min Jun used in the drama to stop the time, the car and the wagon that appeared in the scene when Do Min Jun saved Cheon Song Yi and the red carpet on which they realized their love for each other.

On June 10, SBS Power FM (107.7㎒)radio program “Cultwo Show” will go live on the site in DDP.

SBS commented, “Revealing the set of You Who Came from the Stars shows the strength of Korean dramas and also gives experience for the fans as well as the opportunity to build memories along with the drama.” They added, “Korea Tourism Organization will soon collaborate with various overseas organizations such as in China for more promotional activities.”

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