Empire of Gold Episode 18 Review: Lee Yo Won Says to Go Soo “I’m Going to Make Jang Shin Young Leave You”

In , episode 18, Choi Seo Yoon(played by ) said to Jang Tae Joo(played by ) that she will make Yoon Sul Hee(played by ) leave his side.

Choi Sung Jae(played by ), who was supposed to leave the country, came back and turned himself in to the police. He thought if he went to jail, it would be the only way to stop the fight between his mother Han Jung Hee(played by ) and Seo Yoon.

Seo Yoon was sad as she heard this. She asked Tae Joo, “What is Yoon Sul Hee to you?” Tae Joo replied, “She’s like Sung Jae to you. She smiles at me, trusts me, and I don’t need any calculations in front of her.” Seo Yoon said, “I’ll give you back what you gave me. Since Sung Jae left me, I’ll make Yoon Sul Hee leave you too.”

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