Empress Ki Episode 23

Episode 23

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    • Ali

      She had a kid? OMG

    • drbob26

      OMB! That was an exciting episode! The empress is a bitch! She basically stole the baby. Ironically it’s a prince just the deposed king of Korea’s son. And the previews! I can’t believe when she wasn’t looking for it, she found the blood vow!

    • drbob26

      even if you hadn’t seen the English version you could have guessed that much. I just didn’t think it would survive especially after he fell over the cliff and was assumed to have died. I’m guessing sometime after sunyung fell and before she returned is when the monk? Found the baby. How long do you think it will take her to recognize him?

    • WY&SY4EVER

      as twisted and annoying is thiss episode i kind of like it i get to see how far that empress can go and a whole new side of el timur they got a child together oh i’m loving this that’s why SY marry that boy to be close to her child and eventually take her revenge. go WY and SY. XOXO

    • AnastasiaWun

      my guess is she’ll recognize him through his foot birthmark but only after the baby is all grown up and fighting against his own birth mother under the influence of the evil empress!