FACE OFF: Kim Hee Ae VS Lee Bo Young – Women with a mother’s instinctive love


A mother’s love and affection have been visible on screen nowadays.

of the drama God’s Gift- 14 Days and of the 2014 movie portray a remarkable role of a mother’s love and affection to a child they have lost and longed for. Their mere expression of a mother’s grief, depression and despair is represented quite well. Recently, these two actresses with their notable acting skills are on their incomparable popularity because of their great portrayals.



Thread of Lies () is a 2014 movie about a mother (Kim Hee Ae) who tries to unfold what lead her 14-year-old daughter to commit suicide. Throughout the story, Kim Hee Ae later found out that her daughter (Kim Hyang-Gi) had been a victim of bullying in middle school. Kim Hee Ae plays the role of Hyun Sook. Her performance as a mother who lost her child and had undergone such grief, pain and sorrow, without a question, was seamless.

Viewers find Kim Hee Ae’s performance as a mother very commendable and remarkable. She seemed to have immersed with her character excellently and was able to deal with her feelings deeply. According to the viewers, Kim Hee Ae has left a strong impression leaving all the viewers into tears and sorrow.



Lee Bo Young portrays the role of Kim Soo Hyun in the SBS drama God’s Gift – 14 Days.

Lee Bo Young’s daughter, Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Bin) was kidnapped and Lee Bo Young kept on looking for traces to track who’s behind the crime. As she went through investigations, she had also gone on screen and broadcasted a message to her daughter’s kidnapper.

Viewers were moved when Lee Bo Young begged for her daughter’s life as she cried and busted out into tears on screen. She went on begging and uttered the words, “Please let go of your anger…Please let my Saet Byul back…She is my everything.” Unfortunately, her daughter was reported dead eventually. Lee Bo Young’s performance also brought the viewers into tears. She seemed to have fully immersed her character as a mother with deep love and affection for her daughter and would do anything just to save her daughter’s life.

As she heard about her daughter’s unknown whereabouts, Lee Bo Young also expressed her deepest anger and despair when she threatened her daughter’s kidnapper and said, “If you touch even one strand on my baby, I will search for you to the ends of the earth and I will kill you…I’ll rip you into pieces!….I’ll skin you alive!” Such anger of a mother’s loss was felt by the viewers. As the episode ended, Lee Bo Young’s performance has been on trend in the internet and has received various positive comments and commendations.

Who do you think best portrays the role of a mother in grief and pain? Lee Bo Young or Kim Hee Ae?

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