Four Sisters

Title: 네 자매 이야기 / Ne Jamae Iyagi
Also known as: ’ Story
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2001-Jun-13 to 2001-Aug-16
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
“Hae Jung (Hwang Soo Jung) is the eldest of four sisters, and is kind and giving to her younger sisters – even though she’s actually their half-sister. In contrast, second sister Yu Jin (Chae Rim) is ambitious and straightforward, and cares deeply for family friend Young Hoon (Han Jae Suk), causing plenty of problems for everyone else! Third sister Yu Mi (Ahn Yeon Hong) is materialistic, and gets engaged to a rich gentleman despite having another, more suitable lover (Ji Jin Hee). And fourth sister Yu Sun (Park Ye Jin) is a high school student with a heart problem – and an ardent love for her high school teacher! As the years pass, each sister struggles to find true love, and conflicts and difficulties arise. But through it all, they remain true to each other.”
Hwang Soo Jung as Jung Hae Jung (oldest sister)
Chae Rim as Dr. Jung Yu Jin (second sister)
Ahn Yeon Hong as Jung Yu Mi (third sister)
Park Ye Jin as Jung Yu Sun (fourth sister)
Han Jae Suk as Dr. Lee Young Hoon (family friend)
Kim Chan Woo as Min Jung Ha (sports agent)
Ji Jin Hee as Han Tae Suhk (Yu Mi’s boyfriend)
Park Chul as Kim Ki Chul (widowed coach)

Extended Cast
Lee Jung Gil as Dr. Jung Jae Bong (sisters’ father)
Kim Young Ran as Dr. Jung’s wife
Kim Yong Gun as Dr. Min Yun Taek (Jun Ha’s uncle)
Yang Geum Suk as Kim Soon Young (Young Hoon’s mother)
Kim Ji Young as Pyung Yang Daek (Young Hoon’s grandmother)
Kim Se Jun as Han Bong Pal (Dr. Jung’s younger brother)
Noh Hyun Hee as Kim Hwa Mi (nurse, Bong Pal’s friend)
? as Shin Dong Soo (Hae Jung’s admirer)
? as Min Su Jin (Jun Ha’s cousin, Dr. Min’s daughter)
? as Yim Ae Ri
Lee Keun Hee as Jong Shik (Tae Suhk’s working partner)
Nam Sung Jin as Suh Jae Yeon (Yu Mi’s fiance)
Lee Ae Jung as young Hae Jung
Shin Ae as Yu Sun’s classmate
Park Sook Chul
Yoon Gi Won
? as Supervisor Yun (Jun Ha’s assistant)
? as Lee Shin Hee (project manager)
Kil Yong Woo

Production Credits
Production: JS Pictures
Producer: Shin Ho Gyun
Director: Lee Jin Suk
Writer: Oh Soo Yun
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