Gangnam Becomes Popular Because of ‘Gangnam Style’

According to USA Today, Gangnam Seoul is becoming a popular spot for American tourists because of ’s ‘’.

After reaching 220,000,000 views on Youtube, a lot of people are choosing Korea for their traveling destination, and there are even people who want to experience the ‘Gangnam Style’.

There are new one-day travel schedules for Gangnam, which are going to spas, eating at high-class resturants, going shopping and kasinos.

Americans were the fourth largest population to visit Korea. Last year there were 650,000 Americans who visited Korea, but most of them came for business purpose rather than for traveling.

However, because of ‘Gangnam Style’ boom, there will be a lot more Americans who will visit Korea for traveling purpose from now on.

(Yeonhapnews = September 21, 2012)

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