Goddess of Marriage Episode 26 Review: Lee Tae Ran Apologizes to Nam Sang Mi

In , episode 26, Hong Hye Jung(played by ) apologized to Song Ji Hye(played by ).

After a divorce suit, Hye Jung heard that Ji Hye was sick and went to her family’s house. Hye Jung went to see her for the last time. She said, “Sorry that I’ve yelled at you. I thought I would be able to put up with the Kang family longer than you.” She added, “Good luck. Sorry I wasn’t nice to you while we lived together. I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other again.”

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  • Belindabell

    The older daughter in law is such an artificial bitch. Instead of helping Hye she just said ” Hey, I’m sorry I was mean to you” and just leaves. Must be all those years of indentured service that made her such a cold person. Wonder what she’ll do now that her father in law has threatened her life. Will probably blackmail him by exposing his son’s many indiscretions.