Goddess of Marriage Episode 32 Review: Kim Ji Hoon Panickes as He Finds Nam Sang Mi Unconscious

In , episode 32, Kang Tae Wook(played by ) panicked as her found Song Ji Hye(played by ) unconscious.

Ji Hye started to have insomnia since she came back to Tae Wook’s house. She went to see a doctor to get some tranquilizer. The doctor told her not to take too many pills at once, but she could not stand it, and took several pills before going to bed.

Tae Wook came home from work and saw her in bed, and thought she was asleep. Then he found an empty medicine bottle, and shook her to wake her up. However, Ji Hye did not open her eyes, and Tae Wook panicked.

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