“God’s Gift – 14 Days” reveals the making of the scenes + Lee Bo Young’s reason why she accepted to act in the drama


The recently ended drama God’s Gift- 14 Days showcased amazing actors in an interesting drama thriller with full of twists which would really make you complete your own puzzle. The geniuses behind the drama resulted from the best efforts from the crew and staff along with the actors who really worked hard to make the drama possible.

On April 28, the making of the drama was revealed. In an interview, the whole staff and actors worked over two months to perfect the scenes and make it more realistic to watch. Some of the actors had their doubles for some complicated scenes but some of them supported behind the camera.

also expressed her thoughts on why she chose to act in the drama. She said, “The competition between drama ratings was really tight. But I did not choose this drama just because of the viewership ratings.”

The viewership ratings of the drama didn’t actually surpass the average ratings since it was aired the same time MBC’s Empress Ki airs which records high ratings so far. It was then a really tough competition.

However, the episode finale of the drama didn’t seem to be the way the viewers wanted it to be. After the full twists in the drama, the dots connected between the characters, the ending made the viewers unhappy and disappointed. Despite the furnished production of a drama thriller, many have said that it had only failed with its finale.

Meanwhile, while each scene was being filmed, the efforts of the staff really stood out. Graphic effects were applied perfectly in the scene where and Lee Bo Young were underwater and tries to save Lee Bo Young from drowning. The effects were seamlessly used to show off a more realistic underwater scene where it was all just Lee Bo Young and lying on a green background and excellently acting out the whole scene.

In the scene where Lee Bo Young was being dragged on the ground, she actually needed a stunt woman to do the act.

Despite the negative feedbacks to its episode finale, more viewers still showed appreciation to the brilliant work of the hardworking staff and actors of the drama.

God’s Gift – 14 Days ended last April 22. The much awaited answer between Dong Chan, Soo Hyun and Saet Byul were finally concluded.

God’s Gift – 14 Days will be replaced by the new SBS drama Doctor Stranger which will premiere on May 5.

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