‘Golden Time’ Confirms Its Extension By Three Episodes

’, the current leader of the Mon-Tues primetime drama, has confirmed its extension, with three extra episodes episodes.

A representative of the drama has announced on 13th that ‘Golden Time’ will add three more episodes to its schedule, ending with 23 total episodes. With the 19th episode broadcast yesterday (12th), ‘Golden Time’ will end on September 25th with 23 total episodes, as opposed to 20 episodes planned.

The representative has commented that the developers have decided that to cover all plot substances, like the story of Lee Min-woo (Lee Sun-kyun) and Kang Jae-in (Hwang Jeong-eum), Choi In-hyuk (Lee Seong-min) and Shin Eun-a (Song Seon-mi), Kang Jae-in’s ascent from a lowly intern to the chairman of the board, and the the creation of the Emergency Trauma Ward, extension of the broadcasting was inevitable. He continued, “we have decided the extension by the three episodes as the most ideal, after discussing other options like the two extended episodes and a special”.

‘Golden Time’s dominance in the Mon-Tues primetime has even prompted Kim Sa-hyun, the head of the drama division in MBC, visiting the Busan drama set for encouragement.

Talks of ‘Golden Time’s extension, and even the second season of the drama, were known to have been held at the visit. The developers have also voiced their approval at the second season as well.

A representative has commented, “we have not yet discussed or made any plans about the second season yet. The specifics can only be discussed after a few months”, but he added, “the higher echelon of the production, however, are quite determined about it”.

‘Golden Time’ is a medical drama depicting the emergency room of the hospital, often treating serious trauma and emergency treatments, and have received rave reviews and acclaims after nearly every episode for the strong and well-established plot, the pacing and the development, and the actors’ portrayal of the multidimensional characters.

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