Gong Hyo Jin receives treatment in a hospital in Seoul, currently recovering after the surgery


Actress Gong Hyo Jin underwent a surgery for her arm fracture in a hospital in Seoul. The actress’s condition has been said to have improved.

On June 20, Forest Entertainment shared an update, “Gong Hyo Jin has been hospitalized in Seoul. She underwent a surgery for her arm fracture late yesterday. The surgery was successful and she’s currently taking a rest for her fast recovery.”

The entertainment added, “We’re still observing how Gong Hyo Jin’s condition will be. There actually has been some progress with her recovery and we’re hoping that everything will gradually be fine. When her condition gets better and stable, she might resume filming for her upcoming drama ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’. The next schedule for the shoot is yet to be determined by the production team and still being discussed.”

The staff who also got involved and injured in the accident were also sent to the hospital and received treatment for their injuries.

On June 19, actress Gong Hyo Jin had been involved in a on the freeway while heading home from his scheduled shoot from Incheon. At around 1 AM, on the Yongdong highway in Yongin, the van where the actress was riding had collided with a truck while trying to change lanes. After the crash, another truck wasn’t able to stop and crashed into the van from behind.

Netizens have shared their various reactions regarding the Gong Hyo Jin’s accident. They said:

“I’m glad Gong Hyo Jin has successfully finished the surgery.”

“I hope for Gong Hyo Jin’s fast recovery.”

“Gong Hyo Jin, please take some break. I really want to see you act again.”

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