Good Doctor Episode 15 Review: Moon Chae Won Gets Jealous of Kim Min Seo

In , episode 15, Cha Yoon Seo(played by ) got jealous of Yoo Chae Kyung(played by ) as she saw her and Park Si On(played by ) together.

Chae Kyung and Si On were having a talk while enjoying cake and tea together. Yoon Seo, who was passing by, saw them and felt a little jealous. Later she said to Si On, “Are you close to Chief Yoo? Oh well, she is very pretty.” Si On replied, “Chief Yoo is always nice, listens to my problems, and she’s pretty.” Yoon Seo got sulky and said, “Okay then. Continue staying close to her.”

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  • cayl

    let and moon chae end up together