Good Doctor Episode 6

Episode 6

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    56862494.3굿닥터 OST ( OST)
    Total: 4 songs
    Name Artist Time Price
     사랑하고있습니다 (I’m loving you)  2Bic  4:00  $0.99 itunes
     모르나요 (How come You don’t know?)  김종국(Kim Jong Kook)  3:56  $0.99 itunes
    울고만있어 (Is Crying) 백지영(BAEK Z YOUNG) 3:37 $0.99 itunes
    좋아보여 (Look Good) 하동균(Ha Dong Qn) 4:31 $0.99 itunes
    미라클 (Miracle) Lee Yeong Hyeon 4:54 $0.99 itunes

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