‘Good doctor’ is number one in the ratings with 10% Most watched drama in the first episode at the same time

’, Monday-tuesday drama first aired on KBS 2TV on August 5, 2013 is among the most popular.
‘Good doctor’ on its first episode on August 5 is at the top of the ratings at 10.9% outranking all the other dramas on Monday, MBC ‘Goddess of Fire’(10%) and SBS ‘Empire of Gold’(9.8%) by Nielsen Media Research.
‘Good doctor’(11.6%) was neck and neck with ‘Goddess of Fire’(11.2%) and ‘Empire of Gold’(10.9%) in the metropolitan area.
‘Good doctor’ shows a story about Park Shi-On (Joo Won) with savant syndrome who overcomes prejudice to become a paediatric surgeon and attracted the attention of the public with two stars, Joo Won and Moon Chae-Won, guaranteed to bring success. But it was expected to have some difficulty making it to the top due to the hottest drama ‘Goddess of Fire’ and ‘Empire of Gold’ airing at the same time.
However, it became the talk of the town and also can be a sign of rebirth of KBS drama since Joo is being well received as playing an autistic character in the first episode and fans commented that it has been a really long time since a drama this good.
It appears that competition for monday-tuesday dramas which are already in fierce battle over the top spot will become even more competitive because of this new drama bursting onto the TV screen.

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    this good doktor korean drama it so good..