Gun Family Book Episode 7 Review: Lee Yoo Bi Gets Tied on a Tree Trunk Just Like Lee Yeon Hee in the Past

In , episode 7, Park Chung Jo(played by ) was tied on a tree trunk just like how Yoon Seo Hwa(played by ) was in the past.

As Park Moo Sol(played by Eom Hyo Seop) got killed after being false charged for conspiracy, Chun Jo was dragged to a gisaeng house to become a gisaeng(Korean geisha). When she realized that she was taken to a gisaeng house, she was astounded. She claimed that she would not become a gisaeng.

Just then, Soo Ryeon(played by ), the head of the gisaeng house approached. She said to Chung Jo, “This is not a place where we listen to your stories.” However, Chun Jo stubbornly shouted, “I will not become a gisaeng!”

Soo Ryeon recalled her memories of when Seo Hwa shouted out twenty years ago. She commanded her servants to tie Chun Jo on a tree trunk just like how she did to Seo Hwa.

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