“Hotel King” concludes Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook’s romance a happy ending

MBC drama “” ended with its 32nd episode on July 27. and concluded their romance on a solemn wedding.


On the episode of “Hotel King”, Ah Mo Ne and Cha Jae Wan tied the knot on a solemn wedding by the ocean.

On the aired on July 27, Jae Wan (Lee Dong Wook) Ah Mo Nae’s (Lee Da Hae) romance was bittersweet at first.

Ah Mo Nae and Jae Wan were apart for a year because Jae Wan didn’t want to come back because of the death of his father Lee Joong Goo. Lee Joong Goo killed himself. In the midst of days and months of being apart, Ah Mo Nae was in depression and thought of Jae Wan all the time. She thought that he would not keep his promise of marrying her so she was drunk all night.


Because of the situation, Woo Hyun reached for Jae Wan and told him what had been happening with Ah Mo Nae which made Jae Wan come back.

After all the issues were settled regarding the hotel, Jae Wan and Ah Mo Nae got married. Then after many years, they had their own children playing around the hotel.

In the end, Jae Wan spoke his final words saying, “Heaven is the one thing that came into my mind when I first the hotel. I thought of it as a luxurious place of riches but then, I realized that I was just a human being with a beating heart which made me see the reality and the truth in the people along with their stories. From now on, I will make this hotel like a real heaven.”

The time slot of “Hotel King” will be taken over by the new drama “Mama” on August 2. “Mama” will be lead by the cast Song Yoon Ah, Jung Joon Ho, Moon Jung Hee and Hong Jong Hyun.

Did you miss Jae Wan and Ah Mo Nae’s happy ending? Check the link below!

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