How are the things going with the cast of “The Heirs”?

The popular drama “” still goes on with its tremendous popularity all over Asia and continues to gain more and more supporters. Let’s take updates on how the things are going with the cast of “” after its final broadcast.


*Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho and are still very active in upcoming films and International promotions

The lead cast of the drama “The Heirs” Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin are reported to have been very occupied with their busy schedule overseas.

Lee Min Ho is currently busy filming for his upcoming movie “Gangnam Blues” which will be released this year. He has also accomplished his Asian tour to meet his fans in Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, China and Japan.

Park Shin Hye is also currently focused filming for her upcoming movie “The Royal Tailor” which will also be released in the latter part this year. She is also scheduled to attend the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) on June 14.

Park Shin Hye’s Agency told Star News, “Park Shin Hye is currently very busy filming her new movie ‘The Royal Tailor’. This July, we are also planning for a world tour and coordinate with the other agencies overseas for her to be able to meet all her fans globally.”

Kim Woo Bin held fan meetings internationally where he visited such countries as Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan, Shanghai and Thailand which ended last April. Kim Woo Bin was able to meet a wide variety of fans and supporters overseas. After conducting fan meetings, the actor is also busy filming for his movie “The Technicians” which will also be released this year.


* and proceed with their career as idols

Kang Min Hyuk and Krystal were teamed up as a cute couple in the drama “The Heirs” which gathered great love from the viewers. But these idols are back with their respective careers as artists and currently active with their projects.

Kang Min Hyuk joins his band CNBLUE along with his co-members as they promote their new album “Can’t Stop” which was released last February. The idol has also been busy with the reality show on tvN “Cheongdam 111” which aired last April. The show will air 8 episodes featuring FNC Entertainment’s talents and their daily lives including CNBLUE.

Kang Min Hyuk, along with the CNBLUE members, will hold a concert in Shanghai, China on June 15 titled as “2014 CNBLUE Can’t Stop LIVE” and also in Guangzhou, China on July 12 and July 19 in Beijing.

F(x) member Krystal released a song duet with TVXQ’s Changmin titled “Breath” in February as part of the SM THE BALLAD.

Krystal is also currently busy with her sister Jessica of SNSD with their new reality program ‘Jessica&Krystal’ which reveals their stylish life as sisters.

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