Hundred Year’s Heritage Episode 21 Review: Jung Bo Suk & Jun In Hwa Get Back Together

In Hundred Year’s Heritage, episode 21, Min Hyo Dong(played by ) managed to stop Yang Choon Hee(played by ) from going back to America.

Kang Jin(played by ) called Hyo Dong right away when he saw Choo Hee leave from her cafe. He borrowed a scooter from a neighbor, picked up Hyo Dong from work, and dropped him off at the train station Choon Hee was heading to to go to the airport.

Meanwhile, Choon Hee recalled her memories with Hyo Dong while she was waiting for the train. When Hyo Dong arrived, the train just left. He became frustrated and cried Choon Hee’s name out loud. Just then, from behind, Choon Hee said, “What’s up.”

Hyo Dong ran to her and hugged her tight saying, “Thank you, Choon Hee. Thank you so much.” The two are finally back together after a long argument.

Source: Newsen

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