Hundred Year’s Heritage Episode 33 Review: Yoo Jin Decides to Take Over the Family Business After Knowing Shin Goo’s Illness

In Hundred Year’s Heritage, episode 33, Min Chae Won(played by ) found out that Eom Peng Dal(played by ) has been having late-stage pancreatic cancer.

Chae Won found Peng Dal lying on the ground, and took him to the hospital with Lee Sae Yoon(played by ). At the hospital, they heard from a doctor that Peng Dal has been sick.

Chae Won asked Peng Dal, “What does this mean, grandpa? You have cancer?” Peng Dal answered, “Only your mother knows about this. So let’s keep it a secret.”

Back at the noodle factory, Peng Dal said to Chae Won and Sae Yoon, “I can die without regrets, except for one thing. This factory that has been continued on for a hundred years. It has been inherited for three generations, but I feel horrible for the ancestors that there’s no descendent of this family who’s willing to carry on this business.” He continued, “Chae Won. Could you provide support to this hundred year old business? It’s your grandpa’s last wish.”

Later, Chae Won said to Sae Yoon, “I’ve decided to learn the factory work. It’s my grandpa’s last wish. I’m going to make the most delicious noodle in this country.”

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