Hundred Years’ Inheritance Episode 21: Yoon Ah Jung Makes Eugene Misunderstand Lee Jung Jin

Chae-won () was led to misunderstand Se-yoon (Lee Jung-jin) by Joo-ri (Yoon Ah-jung).

Joo-ri sees Se-yoon and Chae-won together in Chul-kyu’s wedding, and is shocked by the two smiling at each other. Joo-ri, enraged, lies to Seol-ju (Cha Hwa-yeon) to cement her mother Bang (Park Won-sook)’s lies.

What’s more, she sends a gift with Se-yoon’s name to her, and her coworkers think that Se-yoon and Chae-won are going out with each other. Their demeanor towards Chae-won harden, thinking that she landed her job by connection.

Chae-won becomes evasive of Se-yoon. Se-yoon sees Chae-won shying away from him, and Se-yoon becomes worried.

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