Hwang Jin Yi

Title: 황진이 (黃眞伊) /
Also known as: Hwang Jini / Dust Storm
Genre: Period-Traditional Drama
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2006-Oct-11 to 2006-Dec-28
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Ratings: 21.7% (nationwide average)
The story of Hwang Jin Yi, the famous 16th century Gisaeng.
This story is about the life of Joseon-era dancer, musician and poet, Hwang Jin Yi, who seeks perfection in her art relentlessly and the hardship facing women due to their lowly social status.
Hwang Jin Yi (Ha Ji Won) is the illegitimate child of a noble and Heon Keum (Jun Mi Sun), a noted musician gisaneg. The story centers on the four men in her life and her pursue in the art of dancing. Her first love with a nobleman’s son Kim Eun Ho (Jang Geun Suk) ends in tragedy. Her love affair with Kim Jung Han (Kim Jae Won) does not have a happy ending either. Byuk Kye Soo (Yoo Tae Joon) is the Emporer’s relative who are obsessed with her and tried every trick but still could not have her. Finally there is her devoted bodyguard Yi Saeng (Lee Shi Hwan) who never deserted her in times of need. Meanwhile, there is Bu Yong (Wang Bit Na) who not only is Hwang Ji Yi’s rival in dancing but also in love.
Ha Ji Won as Hwang Jin Yi, later called Myung Wol (Gisaeng name)
Shim Eun Kyung as young Hwang Jin Yi
Kim Jae Won as Kim Jung Han
Kim Young Ae as Im Baek Moo (chief dancer, Jin Yi’s aunt)
Wang Bit Na as Bu Yong
Ryu Tae Joon as Baek Kye Soo
Jang Geun Suk as Kim Eun Ho (Hwang Jin Yi’s first love)

Extended cast:
Lee Shi Hwan as Yi Saeng (Hwang Jin Yi’s bodyguard)
Jun Mi Sun as Jin Hyeon Keum (Hwang Jin Yi’s mother)
Jo Sung Ha as Eom Soo
Kim Bo Yun as Mae Hyang (chief dancer’s long time rival)
Lee In Hye as Gae Ddong, later called Danshim (Gisaeng name)
Jung Kyung Soon as Geum Choon
Song Yi Woo as Aeng Moo
Yoo Yun Ji as Seom Seom
Kim Sun Hwa as Gae Ddong’s maid
Jo Ye Na (조예나) as Hyang Rim
Mi Se (미세) as Ae Rang
Lee Ji Eun as Geum Hong
Kim Young Ae as Chwi Seon
Hwang Eun Ha as Han Yeon Woo/Wol Hyang
Hyun Suk as Sung Ik Hwan
Seo Hyun Jin as Jung Ka Eun
Kim Seung Wook as Jang Soo Man
Lee Dae Ro as Joo Ji
Jo Jae Wan as Jang Yi
Lee Hee Do as Kim Cham Pan
Ahn Hae Sook as Lady Cha
Moon Chun Sik as Deok Pal
Jung Sang Hoon as Sang Soo
Choi Sang Hoon as Jung Chook
Yoon Jae Rang (윤재량) as Yeon Hong
Park Kwi Soon as Sang Jwa Seung
Lee Joon
Kang Ye Sol
Son Sung Yoon
Go In Bum

Production Credits
Producer: Lee Sung Joo
Director: Kim Chul Kyu
Screenwriter: Yoon Sun Joo

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2006-Oct-11 1 20.1 20.9
2006-Oct-12 2 20.9 22.0
2006-Oct-18 3 18.4 18.7
2006-Oct-19 4 18.7 19.0
2006-Oct-25 5 16.9 16.7
2006-Oct-26 6 17.7 18.1
2006-Nov-01 7 17.2 17.1
2006-Nov-02 8 19.2 19.3
2006-Nov-08 9 16.6 15.8
2006-Nov-09 10 19.7 19.9
2006-Nov-15 11 23.3 23.7
2006-Nov-16 12 24.9 25.4
2006-Nov-22 13 24.6 25.7
2006-Nov-23 14 26.7 27.4
2006-Nov-29 15 22.9 22.9
2006-Nov-30 16 23.9 25.5
2006-Dec-06 17 23.0 24.1
2006-Dec-07 18 24.8 25.1
2006-Dec-13 19 22.9 24.0
2006-Dec-14 20 22.9 24.6
2006-Dec-20 21 22.2 22.6
2006-Dec-21 22 24.3 25.2
2006-Dec-27 23 24.1 24.8
2006-Dec-28 24 25.0 26.8
Average 21.7% 22.3%

Source: TNS Media Korea

This drama is the second time that Kim Jae Won and Ha Ji Won worked together. The first one was in the movie 100 Days with Mr.Arrogant.

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