I Hear Your Voice Episode 17 Review: Jung Woong In Unveils His Past to Lee Jong Suk

In , episode 17, Min Joon Gook(played by ) unveiled his past to Park Soo Ha(played by ).

Soo Ha came to Joon Gook, who has kidnapped Jang Hye Sung(played by ), and said, “I know what you’re thinking. I’ll never become a beast like you.” Joon Gook replied, “I wasn’t a monster from the beginning. I used to be a human too. I did anything I could do to earn money to save my beloved wife. She could have lived if she had a heart transplant. But an hour before the surgery, your father tempted the doctors with some newspaper articles and stole the heart to save your mother. It was your father who started everything.”

Soo Ha said, “No. It was you who started everything. You became nothing but a murderer the moment you killed my father.” Joon Gook answered, “That’s exactly what Jang Hye Sung said to me. You know, if people lose their everything, they will turn into beasts. They become blind.” He continued, “At first, I was just going to use her as a bait to capture you, but she pissed me off by saying you and I are different. So I killed her.”

Soo Ha got almost out of control as he heard this, but soon noticed that Joon Gook has been wearing sunglasses to hide his thoughts from Soo Ha. He said to Joon Gook, “The reason why you put sunglasses on is because you’re lying to me. Stop making excuses about your life by using me.

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