I Miss You Episode 5 Preview: Yoo Seung Ho portrays a two-faced character on Missing You

will portray Hyung Jun, a man who is ready to take any risks for his love, in TV’s new drama series .

Hyung Jun has an innocent look in his eyes and smiles like a boy, but he doesn’t easily expresses his emotions and doesn’t fear to take any risks for his desires.

Hyung Jun has lost many things and has been hurt regardless of his will. When he sees Soo Yeon (played by ), he feels that they are destined to be together and does everything to keep his love with her.

Missing You is the first melodrama series for Yoo. Because he has appealed to many female viewers through many drama series and films, his fans are excited to see the character he will portray in this series.

The painful memories Hyung Jun has are expected to appeal to many female viewers, creating a synergy effect with Yoo’s emotive acting.

The fifth episode of the series, in which Yoo will start appearing, will air on November 21 at 9:55 p.m.

Source: TV Report

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