I Summon You Gold Episode 10 Review: Lee Hye Sook Goes Hard on Her New Daughter-in-Law Baek Jin Hee

In , episode 10, Jang Duk Hee(played by ) started to go hard on her new daughter-in-law, Jung Mong Hyun(played by ).

As Mong Hyun showed her inexperienced cooking skills, Duk Hee scolded her by saying, “You thought you would be playing golf and enjoy your life after you get married? I guess your mother was too busy to teach you how to cook.”

Later, Duk Hee told Mong Hyun to learn English and flower arrangement. As Mong Hyun answered, “I’m not interested in arranging flowers though,” Duk Hee said, “I’m not telling you to satisfy your interests. There would be all sorts of high class daughter-in-laws in that class. You don’t learn how to be graceful through books. Go to class and observe the people. Look and learn how different they are from you. Seems like you have a long way to learn though.”

Just then Min Young Ae(played by ) called Mong Hyun on the phone. As she suggested to her to go shopping together, Mong Hyun politely said, “Sorry, I can’t go out today. Father would be coming home early too. I’m so sorry. I have to hang up now.”

Duk Hee then said, “Does she call you often like this? Hang up already. Don’t answer her phone calls all the time, then she would call you endlessly.” Mong Hyun answered, “She’s living alone, and probably have felt lonely. That’s why she called. Please let me answer her phone calls at least.”

Duk Hee raged, “Are you trying to talk back to me? Is this how your mother taught you? You’re very insolent inside, aren’t you?”

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