Incarnation of Money Episode 20 Review: Hwang Jung Eum Calls Kan Ji Hwan “Swindler”

In , episode 20, Bok Jae In(played by ) grabbed Lee Cha Don(played by ) by his collar and called him a swindler.

Jae In has been taking care of Cha Don ever since he was brought to the hospital after the car accident. However, even though Cha Don’s consciousness came back, he kept on acting.

As Jae In left the room for a while, Cha Don said to Yang Goo Sik(played by ) that he will cure Jae In’s bad habit. Soon when Jae In came in and saw Cha Don eating pizza, she raged and grabbed him by his collar.

Cha Don desperately said, “I’m still a patient.” But Jae In kept yelling at him “You swindler!”

Source: Startoday

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