INTERVIEW: Jung Yong Hwa shares his higschool life and how his career started

member first debuted in January 2010 with his rock band with their first mini album Bluetory. Their single “I’m Lonely” had been a hit in Korea.

Before Jung Yong Hwa entered the music industry, he had been popular with his good looks and singing. He was also on trend in Korea as one of the “Ulzzang” icons. Back in high school, he was very active in different school clubs and had also joined music bands.

Jung Yong Hwa reveals his childhood stories as he shares them in an .


Don’t you feel upset when a woman from your past or a woman whom you knew suddenly showed up?

YH: Oh, not at all! I’d actually feel honoured about it. (laughs)

Really? Anyway, before you’ve become popular for your good looks, when did you know or realize that you’re good-looking?

YH: Handsome? No, no. I started being popular for something I did. I actually didn’t care about my image before. Back then, I used to fool around with a broken gun thinking that I was holding a working one. I play and just freak out. (Laughs) A lot of people thought differently about me and there had been rumors. So when they hear about me, they usually say, “Oh…Jung Yong Hwa..Well you know, he’s kinda..” something like that. Those rumors had been well-known in my neigborhood.

Back in your high school days, you were popular with you good looks and singing. Most of your friends didn’t expect that you’d be a celebrity someday. When did you start off as a celebrity?

YH: I actually didn’t have any plans to be an artist. A casting agent contacted me and offered me to audition just before my college entrance exams but I didn’t accept it because I really didn’t want to be an artist. Then the agent personally visited me in Busan and tried to convince to accept the offer once again.  I accepted it and rescheduled my college entrance exams.

Oh, I see. When did you first become interested in music?

YH: Ah. I have this friend who is very interested in music. He had told me a lot of stories about music.


You participated in various activities in school before such as school bands or plays. Did it make you think that you’d have a potential to be an artist someday?

YH: It actually didn’t come across my mind to be an artist. It was just my hobby back then though I really liked being in the spotlight. I actually didn’t expect that I’d be a performer now. However, my childhood experiences really helped me a lot as a performer. My parents would let me study different musical instruments. I’ve learned piano since elementary. In my 6th grade, I learned clarinet and had joined the orchestra.

How would you describe your voice?

YH: Describe….hmm.. I think semi-ballad? (laughs).

Your school principal back in freshman high school said, “Jung Yong Hwa was silly and not serious.”

YH: (laughs) Oh the principal couldn’t be like that. I was a good student and I gave much help to my friends! (laughs) Well, I agree with that anyway. I liked behaving frivolously especially when I act in programs. I behaved in that way to show entertainment. Whenever I sing in stage, I may seem to look or acted differently from the usual but I don’t care how I would look.


So is that how you show your charms? (laughs)

YH: Maybe! Because it becomes more interesting on stage. I really enjoy it when I perform on stage.

You were really naughty during your school days. Now that you’re in CNBLUE, do you still feel that way?

YH: Yes, definitely.

In your debut drama “You’re Beautiful”, it went off a little awkward in the first scene. Don’t you think?

YH: Yes, it is. (laughs) I didn’t see the drama because I feel awkward about it. It seems to be more difficult to act.

Do you often meet with your high school friends?

YH: Yes, I do. Whenever I go back to Busan and meet with my friends, I seem to lose myself. When my old friends and I meet face to face, it always becomes very emotional. (laughs). We share stories about the past whenever we meet. Although I am not able to contact with them frequently because of my busy schedule, they are always glad to see me.

For the last question, what is your message to your Namsan High school friends?

YH: I will always go to Busan. I really really like there. (Laughs) I will always go to our reunions. Thank you all so much. My friends, I know that you’re all happy now and enjoying life and I hope you do well with all your goals. Pursue for your dreams and anything that you want to do. I hope we all have a good life. I’ve always had fun with you guys.

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