INTERVIEW: Kim Hee Ae shares her thoughts in her new movie “Elegant Lies”

Actress comes back on the big screen after 21 years with the movie (). The movie is about a mother (Kim Hee Ae) who tries to unfold what lead her 14-year-old daughter to commit suicide. Kim Hee Ae plays the role of Hyun Sook, a mother of her two daughters Man Ji (Ko Ah Sung) and Cheon Ji (Kim Hyang Gi). In this movie, Kim Hee Ae revealed a fully-transformed character of a mother with deep love and affection for her daughters.

In an interview, Kim Hee Ae was asked about her thoughts toward her new movie Elegant Lies.


The Scenario of the story is the most important thing and you were chosen for this movie. When you read the script, what was your impression about it? Did you ever think you could start working with the story right away?

HA: When I first read the story of “Elegant Lies”, I really thought that it was a very good story. The whole plot is not just another children’s story neither another ordinary story about grown-ups.

You portray a mother of two daughters who tries to deal with the death of your 14-year old daughter and so you needed to act in such grief and pain. Then so, how were you able to control or deliver your acting since you needed to portray a mother with various emotions?

HA: Controlling my emotions is really difficult. It’s not an easy thing to do. In the movie, I needed to portray a mother who desperately desires to get her daughter’s life back, how to deal with her death as well as with her husband’s. It’s an act of surviving an unfortunate life with deep sadness and grief. At the same time, I need to show I’ve found happiness whenever I thought of my children’s future. Though it’s a sad story and a difficult one, it didn’t mean that I have to give up on life but rather deal with it because that shows maturity. Then so, those are the emotions I needed to deliver.


The actress was also asked if she had felt any burden after returning on the big screen after 21 years. Kim Hee Ae said, “Burden if it would be a box office hit? Well, I used to worry about it but now, I don’t worry about how many people would like my movies or if it would be a big hit or not. I am okay with whatever the results would be. I don’t feel any shame about this project and because this is my choice too.

The actress also complimented her young co-stars Ko Ah Sung and Kim Hyang Gi with their acting skills and performances which were really flawless and commendable. She said that their acting skills were really impressive that she was able to immerse well with her character and brought herself into tears.


JTBC drama is currently being aired and has already attracted viewers because of its very interesting plot. Actress Kim Hee Ae also transformed into a different kind of character and she was asked why she accepted the project. She said, “I always think that it could be the last project and an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. We can always try new characters as we grow older and be as flexible as possible to work with actors of different ages. I can still learn new things and wider variety of materials while working with the younger ones. Just like me who has been in the industry for a long time, I still want to make and try new scenes and characters.”

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