“It’s Okay, That’s Love” Lee Kwang Soo is a “Scene Stealer”


proved himself once again in acting which crowns him as the scene stealer!

On the previous episode of “It’s Okay, That’s Love”, Park Soo Gwang and Jang Jae Yeol were talking while everybody was enjoying watching the soccer game. Soo Gwang explained to Jae Yeol about everybody’s first love and first kiss. He told him that Jo Dong Min and Jin Young were divorced, Dong Min was Hae Soo’s first love, Hae Soo was his first kiss and Hae Soo and PD Choi will get married soon. Jae Yeol was stunned and thought that “Does everyone here have to kiss each other first then live and play together?”

Soo Gwang goes back to the couch then Hae Soo went to the kitchen where Jae Yeol was there. Then, Jae Yeol told Hae Soo that he saw PD Choi and his assistant kissing at the backstage where the interview was held. Hae Soo was confused so she confronted her boyfriend PD Choi and it turned out to be the truth.

Soo Gwang was in full anguish then jumped in and started hitting PD Choi. He kept on beating PD Choi and accidentally kicked Jae Yeol as he tried to stop the fight. Everything was a big mess! But Soo Gwang grabbed a pizza and threw all the other food to everybody.

Lee Kwang Soo’s scene has become a trend among netizens and viewers calling him as the scene stealer. Viewers commented that Lee Kwang Soo adds fun and more entertainment to the drama.

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