IU On Her Weight: “46 Kgs, I Can Even Pinch My Stomach”

has recently revealed her weight.

IU, on the studio of the MBC ‘’, has revealed her weight to the public.

, a celebrity health trainer and a guest of the show, commented, “I can see a person’s weight just by looking at their bodyline. I think IU would weight about 43 kgs. She won’t exceed 45kgs at the most”, taking a guess on her weight.

IU, however, revealed “no, I actually weight more than that”, and “it is 46 kg, because I have a lot of excess baggage stowed away in hidden places. I can even pinch my stomach, you know”, inciting a laughter in the studio.

IU, the ‘nation’s little sister’, and her rather frank revelation of her weight, has gathered a lot of attention from the fans.

Netizens have expressed their opinions, saying “she just murdered me with her weight’”, “just what do I have to do to get that thin?”, “I envy her”.

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