Jang Keun Seok changes his hairstyle in four years for Pretty Man

Jang Keun Seok starring as the male lead Dokgo Ma Te in the KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama (Also known as Beautiful Man) has released his short cuts which he changed in four years.
In the photo unveiled on November 25, the young actor with shorter semi-perm hair holds an more impeccable and chic fashion sense unlike him combed up his long straight hair in the 2nd episode.
Jang, 26, said a few memorable words about his new television series showing new hairstyle. The actor read dozens of scripts while he had taken career breaks over one year said that he decided to come back to the small screen with Pretty Man due to well-round character of the male lead.
“For the first time, I could not drop prejudice about the soap opera owing to its title. However, I knew that Dokgo Ma Te is very attractive in many ways after I read the script,” said Jang. “I’d like to break typical image of the actor Jang Keun Seok. It is up to me to break that image,” added the prominent actor.
The 3rd episode of Pretty Man where the pretty actor shows up with very unique hairstyle will be aired at 10:00 P.M. on November 27.

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  • kimhyunmin

    still handsome..fighting pretty man!