Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk look like a real couple in behind-the-cut stills for “Fated to Love You”


Jang Na Ra and looked like a real couple in the behind-the-cut stills released on the 29th of July.

On the 8th episode of “Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk shared a slow dance together after they attended a party for Mi Young’s (Jang Na Ra) debut as the chairman’s wife.

Mi Young was introduced to the guests by Gun’s grandmother. Everything almost went well until she heard rumors about her which degraded her personality and status. Unfortunately, in the midst of the event, Mi Young bumped into Lawyer Min (Kim Young Hoon) who was drunk. He told her that both of them went through a one night stand but his fate seemed to have turned bitter while Mi Young has turned into chairman’s wife.

Because of such frustration, Lawyer Min stood up on stage and embarrassed Mi Young on the microphone. He told everybody that Mi Young came from a poor family and that she got married to Gun because he got her pregnant. The situation brought Mi Young into tears until Lee Gun arrived and saved her from embarrassment.

Lee Gun told everybody how Mi Young’s not good in studying yet how kind-hearted, beautiful and lovely she was. He as well, told everybody how proud he was with his lovely wife.

Lee Gun grabbed Mi Young outside and made their moment together. They went on a slow dance along with a sweet music.

As seen in the photos, Mi Young showed thumbs up telling him how she liked the set up together with the fireworks display. But, while they were dancing, Mi Young cried because of the embarrassment and how she burdened the chairman. Lee Gun kissed her cheek to wipe the tears away.

While filming for the scene, the crew and the production staff said that the two looked like a real couple and how their chemistry seemed to be perfect.

One of the staff said, “During the rehearsal, Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk acted naturally with their physical contact and all. They executed the scenes beautifully and perfectly. Especially, Jang Na Ra’s dazzling beauty kept our eyes on her. We are very fortunate to have these two actors to act for the drama.”

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