Jang Na-ra’s Sweet Kiss in Her Latest Movie Released

Production stills of ’s kiss with in her latest movie has been released.

On August 7th, the picture of Jang Na-ra’s latest movie ‘’ has been revealed in her management company’s website, with Jang Na-ra sharing a kiss with her costar Jimmy Lin in a bathtub.

In the movie, Jang Na-ra, who appears as a heiress of a real estate plutocrat, is stranded on an island with a paramoter sport instructor, played by Jimmy Lin, and while the pair quarrels from the beginning, their love for each other is made apparent as time goes by.

The scene in question is when they share a kiss with each other in a bathtub, having recognized their feelings towards each other. The scene features the actors, wet from playing in the water, sharing a kiss in a romantic mood.

Their kiss has been filmed in a resort in Kunming, in Yunnan province of Mainland China. While they were supposed to play in the water lightly in preparation for their kiss, Jimmy Lin managed to draw laughter from the filming staff when he playfully escalated the play into an all-out water warfare.

Jang Na-ra’s vigorous reaction to Jimmy Lin’s joke has been told to have given a new change in the production atmosphere to the staff, who were slightly exhausted in their efforts on filming.

The pair have been lauded by the staff for their professional conduct after their play, when they acted out naturally their roles as a lovable and sweet lovers. Jimmy Lin and Jang Na-ra both took on their roles as newfound lovers with profound emotionality, to the praise of the filming crew.

A representative from her company has commented, “looking at the two of them feels as if they are siblings. Their round and cute image is similar enough, but when we see them taking care of each other, we can’t help but think of them as siblings.”

“Jang Na-ra has shown many sides of her charm, which was previously unheard of. We have thoroughly enjoyed filming with good people and the crew, so we hope the audiences can enjoy the movie as well as we did.”

‘Flying With You’, a movie depicting the new sport of paramotor first attempted in China, is a romantic comedy featuring Jang Na-ra and Jimmy Lin, and is known for featuring both of the main actors’ songs, with Jang Na-ra’s ‘I Only Think of You’, previously released in Korea, and Jimmy Lin’s Chinese version of ‘I Only Think of You’.

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