Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love Episode 14 Review: Kim Tae Hee becomes the No.1 Concubine

In , episode 14, Jang Ok Jung(played by Kim Tae Hee) became the number one concubine, Hee Bin.

After Ok Jung miscarried because of the Great Queen Kim(played by )’s scheme, she lamented about her reality. Lee Soon(played by Yoo Ah In), who found out about what happened, went to the Great Queen Kim and In Hyun(played by ), and announced Ok Jung’s promotion to Hee Bin, which was the best position of the concubines.

Later, Soo went to Ok Jung and said, “You must give birth to a son. You are now the number one concubine, Hee Bin. Jang Hee Bin. If you give birth to a son, he will be the next king. But this will only apply when you have my son.”

Ok Jung was moved and hugged Soon.

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