Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love Episode 16 Review: Kim Tae Hee Gets Pregnant Again and Gets Back Yoo Ah In’s Attention

In , episode 16, Jang Ok Jung(played by Kim Tae Hee) got pregnant again and got Lee Soon(played by Yoo Ah In)’s attention back.

Ok Jung sent Soon a letter and called him out to a gazebo. Soon said to her, “It’s been a while since we’ve met like this.” Ok Jung asked, “Your Higness. Do you remember what you told me before? That you’ll never let go of my hand.” She continued, “I have something to tell you. After you hear this, you should never ever let go of me. Ever.” She then said, “I’m pregnant.”

At first Soon looked confused. But soon he opened his arms and hugged Ok Jung. He replied, “I have to choose you after all.” Ok Jung teared up and said, “I thought you weren’t happy.” Soon answered, “Yes. I’m happy. I’ve been waiting for my child for so long. My succession.”

Ok Jung lastly said, “I’ll give birth to your son no matter what.”

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